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Covid. Is it still safe to wear your jewellery?

May 27, 2020

Covid. Is it still safe to wear your jewellery? | Canterbury Jewellers Shop

Welcome to our first ever blog. An open platform where the man that started Canterbury Jewellers 38 years ago, Brent Baylis give jewellery advice.

With many years of experience in the design and manufacturing of jewellery in Christchurch for fellow Cantabrians, Kiwis and international clients: his frankness and straight forward approach are refreshing. 

Most recently he was asked: "Brent. Should I be wearing my jewellery post-Covid 19? I heard so many things saying that this virus gets stuck onto metal surfaces and people do cough onto their rings and things" 

Brent. Smiling. "Neagh, wear your jewellery it makes you happy. New Zealand of all places is probably the best place to wear it and with so little active cases in isolation as of 22 May. I believe that it is safe to wear them with confidence and it will be good for everyone to start returning to a bit of the old normal. While it is still a safe practice to wash your hands regularly and the use of sanitising your hands where you go in and out of places is recommended. 

I do however advise our clients to take off their jewellery when using hand sanitisers, as they are mostly alcohol-based and could possibly damage natural pearls and fade other natural gemstones lustre or polished surface. 

Put on your jewellery and your smile and go out and support your local businesses"

Till next month when we will again feature Brent giving advise on common questions related to their jewellery asked by our clients.